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Dolphin Consciousness!

Dolphins are in essence ascended masters, divine multi-dimensional beings, travelling in different dimensions. But on this physical plane in the form of the dolphin, they are here to bring all of us back into the ocean.  In the ocean we are immersed in the salt water crystals containing the information of Mother Earth.

Remember that the human being is a combination of many star beings, and we are amphibious beings, more than seventy-percent water. The true walls for humanity are the ocean’s waters.  Dolphins use ocean portals to travel inter-dimensionally.  The salt in the ocean is a crystal, containing the true history of the planet.  So bringing people to swim in the ocean salt crystals awakens the divine blueprint within to remember our true nature and inherent divinity.

Dolphins are conscious breathers. Conscious breathing is a path to awakening and enlightenment. We are automatic breathers.  As we remember and become conscious breathers, we strengthen our divine connection.

To heal the memory of Atlantis being suddenly submerged in water, many people returned in physical form as dolphins to remember and understand.  People’s fear of drowning and fear of water may stem from these memories and the shock of death in Atlantis. Dolphins are here to heal the memories of Atlantis that create a fear of  drowning in so many, and avoidance of the water.

When the dolphin look at you, they see only the vibration of the divine heart within you.  They don’t see any of your imperfections, fears, anxieties, feelings of separation or conditions. Because they address the human being from that place of unconditional love, the human being will experience that love that dwells inside of them selves. This experience will express itself in various ways – great joy, clear insights, true clarity of purpose, life-changing awareness to follow one’s heart, miraculous healings.  This is why when the dolphin facilitates in the process of autistic children and other psychological ailments has been so successful, because the person in question is approached as a divine being unconditionally accepted and perfect as they are, creating a heart opening for the dolphin to activate the healing powers within the persons body. That happens through pure intention and the way the dolphins are using their sonar location. For example they see the body as perfect and whole and then with their high pitched sonar, this will be activated in the body and the blueprint that is created is a perfect body free of energetic unbalances that created the problem in the first place.

At times, dolphins will bump people.  What is happening is the dolphin perceives energetic blocks or illness in the body and the bump releases the blockage.  Sometimes they will do these releases without touching the person.

Baptism and water have little to do with what has been

taught as giving a name.  It was to introduce the

human being into the water and initiate into their

amphibious self.  When you surrender to the

unknown then that becomes the known.

Some of the Messages Aros

has received from the Dolphins:

Flow in the trust of the moment and experience saturated states of awareness.

The odyssey of the soul’s adventure into infinite delight is like bubbles of joy and laughter in the ever-expanding truth of exuberant divine existence.

Swim in the bubbles of joy in the transformational sea of consciousness.

Syllables of truth must contain within them viable attainable solutions.

Where there is true love shapes and form disappear and left is only our smile.

Light transforms light into energy and that energy, in turn, becomes pure ecstasy. Now gently let yourself flow into the next awareness in form as, as this question: How would you describe and give the experience of love and ecstasy by sacred symbols or by sacred geometry?  Truly understand: that is where you are heading and in that awareness the totality of bliss is ever present. Start to recognize and be in tune with the sacred symbols. At the same time, understand that it is not so much a question of understanding—it is rather a sensation of knowing based upon ancient formulas.  Every shape and form contains a certain energy structure. When certain shapes are paired together in such a way that they create a link of energy, they then become very powerful.  Yes, you are the high priest of the ages. When your memory will blast forth, it will be no less than a big explosion emerging out of knowing—knowing based upon nothing and in that place we, the dolphins together with the whales, will appear in our true form.  It is healthy to remember that words in themselves are secondary. It is the energy and the symbols they create that allow for the possibility for overcoming the shadow play of duality.  Again, remember to move in symbols which in itself to be aware of the symbols that are always present and are always waiting to be discovered. When you experience the truth, recreate it into sacred symbols.

Dear ones, all the different emotions and sensations that you are experiencing are not stamped automatically as negative. Please remember that parts of your body have been the hiding place for so much of the world of duality.  Now, when the light is being crystallized in every cell and molecule of your being, every thing is exposed and transformed in an instant. The projects and creative endeavors that many of you are part of will be seen as a shining star.  This is because when simplicity and clarity is the message it will become like a powerful magnet that will draw to itself other hearts that are swimming in the same blue ocean of consciousness.

We are not a science project: to all of you do not be misled by people that are using the exploration of our world and who we are only to satisfy their ignorance and are not willing to open up to the magic that we can represent.  To anyone that will choose to behold us in this way we are saying this so you can learn to discriminate and when you are ambassadors for our species you do carry a responsibility to present us to the masses in a way that it opens up their own magic within themselves. This is not to say that all science about us is not valid. It is about discernment, about whom we truly are: travelers of the heart and multidimensional light workers.  Spinning an intergalactic web of consciousness that opens up the great knowing that life will not be fully embraces and understood until the mind and the heart are dancing in light and harmony. That is part of our mission: to allow this awakening to become very present within the world of science and by that create an alignment that will embrace that all science and such explorations will lead to the humble discovery that unless this understanding in all endeavors, no one is going anywhere.  All that is truly achieved is more denial about your true self.

Timelessness through activation of radiation is the true blueprint


A New vocabulary!

Telepathy is communication right from the heart and in that place there is no confusion, and for myself that is how I have been communicating with the dolphins for many years and how I receive my messages. Since we are now inside a new paradigm, even though for many people it seems business as usual and nothing could be further from the truth. Telepathy is going to be the way of communicating and how we will be able to start interacting with our various Star Families ready to share with us their technologies and advanced programs of how to live in a galactic society free of money, religions and politics. After 13ooo years of being enslaved to accept a world of fear and chaos and separation–to once again embrace the light of our hearts and souls will be like awakening from a nightmare, truly, and realize, ‘I will never have this dream ever again, I am free to be me and explore that freedom with no limitations what so ever.’

As a writer I have come to see that words have been a way of keeping people stuck in the matrix. Being from Sweden, I have never written anything really in Swedish, it has always been in English. I have come to clearly see that the English vocabulary is so vast and so rich in many ways and at the same time so many programs within its structure that is well hidden that most people will never even see it. If this was purposely, I do not know, either way the result is the same. Take a word like Funeral and divide it you have the word fun, the word Ra which stands for the Sun God  and E another symbol for God. What about the sayings, ‘I am afraid that is true?’ ‘Children should be seen but not heard.’ And a very common one, ‘Let’s play it by ear,’ why not let’s play it by heart. As a matter of fact, if we used heart instead of many other words we would change the vibration and the tone of the language, and it can be more liberating.  There are thousands of examples that simply have been accepted as a valid way to communicate that create such a limitation and is not empowering to anyone. Telepathy will eliminate all of these obstructions and will clear a path for liberating communication on many levels. Like one of the first messages I received from the dolphins, ‘Where there is true love shapes and forms disappear and left is only our smile,’  or from our galactic family, ‘Love is your path, abundance is your pulse, freedom is your guide.’ In general, words and sentences have created a feeling of limitation and of unworthiness and confusion. Even the word love has been used in so many ways that the real meaning of it has lost its power. Imagine a couple: ‘Honey, I love you,’ and the next moment, ‘I love my new car.’ I do not think that any one of us would like to be loved in that way and yet that is the normal way these days. One of the most sacred words in India is the word Guru, the remover of darkness, so the guru is the light that takes away or wrong understanding and replaces it with light. In the Western way of using it, anyone that stands up and shares some teachings are now a ‘Guru,’ and how many ‘tennis gurus’ and sports gurus do we have. By not respecting and honoring sacred words we are diminishing our own value, because words and syllables carry vibration and transformation and, of course, that is why we have mantras to still the mind and help us meditate and relax. The mantra is like a magnet that pulls the mind within and where it becomes still; and beyond that stillness I can experience my true nature a s a divine being. Now imagine if each time we spoke to each other we could create this same sensation, we would all be in bliss. NOW that is what telepathy will do for us as we learn to adapt to it. So right now let’s tune to our hearts and listen with our hearts and follow this simple method. Love is the voice of the heart, listen to it,trust it and follow it.

You can now choose!

Maybe for the first time in thousands of years, we can now align with the freedom to choose what and how we think. This may seem absurd and yet it has been the truth that free thinkers has been very rare and in the last decades almost disappeared. Now though the tide is turning the light is hitting like a tidal wave and their is no escaping it.Which is opening the portal to telepathically communicate with our Star Family in many different realities and parallel universes.Because of that, we can mind melt if we choose with other beings and learn and remember quickly and see with their eyes and consciousness as well. It reminds me about a funny story. A big Bottle Nose Dolphin was swimming beside a scuba diver that was thinking.”I wonder if the dolphins really know how clever we are and the way we can think. The dolphins to himself.”Do you really think I am interested in your thinking. This is not about that this is about merging our consciousness in a natural and spontaneous way when we CHOOSE to do so. We will be able to use our minds in such a way that we can turn it of that nobody can see your thoughts and turn it back on again when we CHOOSE.. The new paradigm is all about choice and the freedom to choose. Simple and yet profound, our galactic family operates within this understanding that living out of choice means being responsible for those choices and that is why it is now being clear that to live in a Galactic society is about    respect and truth and the ability to choose based upon the understanding that we are all part of a hologram and that everything and everyone is inter connected to a larger hologram guided by a Divine matrix originating form the source of all that is.Exiting? Oh Yes! we will finally be able to access portals and dimensions with our minds that has been closed for thousands of years. How about being able to travel with your thoughts alone and physically be in another place when we choose. Awesome? Yes indeed and soon to be our new world where we will tap into the endless reservoirs of our minds. For many still it is hard maybe to fathom that what was yesterday science fiction will now be a natural reality.anyway any science fiction will sooner or later have in its seed to become a reality if we choose. 2012! what ever year it really is, is not important because in the new paradigm time as we have known it will cease to exist and be replaced with the expansion of the Divine Now in all directions. Mother Gaia has already chosen to ascend and has given us an amazing ride to be part of as she getting ready to Rock her body and become a fifth dimension planet again,Image she will ask all of us to be somewhere else when this happens and once again our galactic family has provided a solution for us, to go inside the hollow earth and be returned to full conscious beings again. We will exist for some moment with our cousins the Agarthans and be trained in how to live in a galactic society as fully conscious beings. Wow what a journey what a ride we have choosen for ourselves and are you not happy you signed on the dotted line! The party has just begun!!!!!!!!!!.

2012! Let’s Play A Game

Let’s play a game of linear history. 1768 cook sail for Tahiti to observe the Venus Transit. in 1769.  1776 Declaration of Independence is signed and it frees United States Of America from the British Empire. Really!

The Illuminati or the Cabal is formed in Bavaria Germany by Adam Weishaupt in 1776. This is a game because time is never linear. Now what is the fascination with this Transit of Venus. Yes with the eyes of Nostalgia it is a major event and many people will not experience this in their life time as it only happens every 120 year with 8 years apart. So we feel that we are part of something special and one level we are, yet why is it such news all over the world. Remember this is just a game,no judgement or permanent rules just this moment. I think because we have lost sight of our own selves and felt so alienated from the truth that we seek out events that will fill ourselves with some kind of sensation, to be able to feel special. Understandable considering that we have believed and swallowed most things that we have been told. Specially that we are not divine beings and may not claim such a truth if you are not ordained and been given a special dispensation by some self pointed authority. 2012! This is as true as it was in 1776, the difference is that at least in those days, people had air to breath and clean water and a soil that had not been polluted by arrogance by the few. From historic point of view we do not seem to have grown much except being maybe taller. The same story again, cook sailed out to find a new world, today we explore space with the same attitude and we have wars and famine and religious control.. What will history say about this time on planet earth, what do we have to show our next generation? frightening is it not? Again I am playing a game of linear history. In the midst of chaos, wars pollution and a rampart interest in only one self and so what, if children in other parts of the world go to bed hungry or are sold as slaves, as long as my child is an honor student and I can display it on the bumper sticker of my car. Why do we not hold the same interest for solving our domestic problems and make a world that future generations can exist in with honor,compassion, love and truth,again this is not about judgement it is simply an observation. Now I am writing this from my understanding of the world and where we are heading. I do believe we have a Galactic Family ready and willing to step in so we have something to leave that is worth reading about in the future. They are not here to save us, NO OF COURSE NOT, rather to remind us who we truly are and point in a direction that can take us out of the insanity we have created. They can not walk the path for us, only point the way.

As much as during Cook’s time in 1768 when people still believed that their little world was the only world and to think anything else was considered against the law. Also just a few hundreds years ago, women were burnt at the stake as witches and declared evil because they showed and shared their Natural Venus Nature.  We are  much in the same predicament that only a few years ago you were not allowed to talk about aliens and other planets and realities as a real possibility, only  real scientists were allowed to explore this subject controlled be the few what and how to say what they discovered. The movies has to a certain degree become an outlet for desperate souls to share their findings within them selves and announce it to a world longing to see the next horizon beyond what they have been told.Anyway before I get to far ahead of myself. Let’s go back to the first line USA became independent of the British Empire.

In truth they sealed an even stronger document that has kept this amazing country and its people in chains with lies upon lies and today finally 2012 there is a cry of freedom. The illuminati has owned USA since that time through the gangster bankers and it is  most likely the biggest hoax ever played out that this county was the home of the free. Yes it is interesting that Illuminati was founded in 1776 the same year that the declaration of Independence was signed.? Venus transit will bring out the hidden within each of us and transform our society  in a historic way. Only time will tell what that is. For myself I am grateful that she has brought this to the surface so I can release it and maybe share it with others. So as she is traveling across the sun and millions of people are fascinated by her I for myself have seen her in the center of my being and once again I am reminded that the universe and millions of universes are part of me and I part of them. I choose to let go of linear time and open my eyes to the spectacular energy within myself that created everything . Now I do not play a game anymore, this is the reality I am now embracing and I look up into the sky and with a soft smile I witness myself traveling across the sky as venus. Thank Goddess, thank you God for once again reminding me who I am and i have only been playing a game with myself..

venus Transit

  1. Good Morning! Are you feeling the energy surging through your body and do you see that the old world is about to say goodbye. It has served us well to rediscover who we are and now as everything it will be recycled into the ether. This Venus transit is not just another energetic moment it is the NOW that is being opened as a Portal to step through, whether you choose to or not you will be pulled b y the electromagnetic source from the central sun by Sirius
    like you are in a powerful cylinder spinning very fast. your subconscious mind may not know what it is and reject it in any way it can and at the same time your consciousness will tell you the real story and also it is the dissolving of the sub consciousness and the beginning of true life. We must all NOW remember that our consciousness has been stuck in a very limited vibration and what now will be completely natural was yesterday a miracle. Please be good to yourself and let go of old worn out concepts about yourself and the world and look into your heart and soul and know that the light of consciousness will blast forth like thousands of cool suns to transform the entire human population to a Galactic Star- Family
    Never before has the Divine showered a race with so much grace and allowed us to prepare for this moment. There is no more turning back and please be aware that many souls have chosen to to play this out in a different frequency and it is all in perfect divine order. We can never know what a certain soul has chosen to experience and how all we must now do is to love unconditional and accept that we are all on the same path leading us into the divine light and a new world with endless opportunities and where all that has been science fiction will become the natural state of
    being. Welcome back humanity to a home you never left. Ma ki la na iha. Grace is awaiting for you you to embrace it

Galactic Federation Message 6 days after 9/11

Thursday, July 21, 2011:  This is a message I got 6 days after the 9-11 incident and I have been guided to release this message at this time.

 Monday September 17, 2001

 Yes indeed beloved one, what took place a week ago in the city ofNew York?  Was this known that this was going to happen and what was the real purpose created by this?

 Many answers are already answered by the event itself.

 (A little note on the side, as this event will be seen as a war between good and evil, look at the word evil backward (Live) and understand that there are many hidden clues and various ways of perceiving this and it is certainly not only about good and evil, even though on one level that is certainly part of it.)

 Dear Eros (Aros), you do know deep within yourself what this is all about. Be aware of your hesitation of truly feeling the answers you are receiving. Being in the truth and having the courage to feel it and express it, many times takes great faith and compassion for the larger picture. Especially when the entire human race is the witness by their opinions, feelings and turbulent emotions, this you are being shown quite clearly.  Dare to feel your heart in this delicate situation; then you will have the courage and strength. No matter how devastating and awful the situation is you will see and understand that in this giant transformation there is a great opening in the human consciousness to be witnessed.

 Please be in the understanding that nothing of this caliber, like a tidal wave crushing on the shores of the world, can take place without carrying in its immediate wake such tremendous transformation on a very huge scale that it will eventually liberate the human mind and set it free to become part of the divine mind.

 The Earth, the divine mother, the spirit and the almighty one is calling forth the united truths in all being’s hearts. The matrix of confined understanding is being exposed, dissolved and realigned to merge naturally in the new paradigm that is being birthed and is the true witness to all the different events and upheavals. This is a natural response when the human consciousness has been in a sleep state of ignorance. In the awakening there will be many dramatic occurrences, because when the limited consciousness once again remembers that its true state is full consciousness, that realization will cause a certain reaction of resentment and anger to flare up and to be realized.

 All the transformations, no matter how they are expressed, are truly part of releasing the consciousness from the chains that held it down. Unfortunately, sometimes these chains can be the government of a country, a religion or any organized institution, that is allowing them to set themselves up as the saviors of the world. You will come to see that it works both ways.  It is truly the giant will and longing of the human heart to find its own purpose and feel its divine nature. It is like a child learning to walk; it is like a sleeping volcano awakening to express itself and its own divine power in its eruption. In that eruption, death, destruction and challenges will become very evident. Yet beneath all of this, a tender sprout can be seen and the soil of the earth of that divine madness will be so exquisite and give birth and give the opportunity for a whole new world to come into being.

For this to become very evident, the notion of good and bad must be dispelled from the human consciousness. In the cities of New York, Washington and other places exists sacred monuments and symbols and energies that date back well over thousands of years and because of the limited consciousness, the belief in religious dogmas are now surfacing and creating a chain reaction that shows up as more fears and chaos and anger so it can be dispelled from the human consciousness once and for all. Also, it is wise to remember that these actions of destruction have been like a dormant seed within the human consciousness ready to burst out and bear fruit.

 Many of the wars that have been fought on your planet through millennia have to a certain degree limited this to fully explode in the same way that many small earthquakes release the pressure preventing a big one to take place. This is only a temporary relief, as sooner or later everything hidden within the matrix of the human pattern and evolution must surface to be transformed and give room for a new creation to come into being and understanding in the new dawn. The night of destruction will be no more and the daylight of love and inspiration will be the stars of the new evening sky. The planets will have gained back their true source of origin and instead of creating challenges they will now be in full synchronicity with the human thought and the wellbeing and gracious rhythm of the divine heart.

 Beloved one, in such an event, everything and everyone on the planet, every plant, animal and living thing has a purpose and a role to play. Why certain souls have chosen certain parts to play, is not for you or anyone to dwell upon, because the truth of it and its purpose cannot and will not be found by the current limited intellect or any reasoning. Instead it is important to focus on the light of the new dawn and see and recognize the tender sprouts in the new heavenly soil. This opens the possibility for each human to take stock of their emotions and release many rigid beliefs and ultimately all of these outer transformations are truly being played out within each human being and their current understanding.

 It is time to take real responsibility for every thought and feeling and action and be able to see far beyond the battlefield of blame and guilt. BLAME IS ALWAYS BORN OUT OF GUILT. Knowing that, anyone and everyone can now choose to perceive what is truly happening. Both sides of the battlefield carry tremendous aspects of guilt. Understand it! Let go of the judgment! Look into the horizon of splendid light and compassion and unconditional love.

 Like it or not, everybody sooner or later will have to come to this realization: there is no one to die for or fight against. It is truly the bell of freedom rung by the sensation brotherhood of man. Everybody must face themselves in the giant mirror now being displayed right in front of the human race. The truth will set you free on all levels and the self of each being can be fully recognized and honored as the creation of this world. This will free you from all traps set by the hunter of duality and inspired by its master, the king of fears. Death as such now experienced, is not only on the physical plane, it is happening as well on many inside planes. Millions of people are experiencing the death of the old world with all its traps and limited values.

 It is the dawn of resurrection for the human consciousness and the final battle of global transformation. From now on, transformation will not be a battle. Instead it will be in the flow of the full divine enfoldment based upon unity in all things. It is wise to remember that nothing is the way it looks. Many of you will now recognize and see your life in the reverse mirror affect. There you will see the beautiful picture and that we are always with you. We are always protecting you and we are always guiding you.

 The next step is already set in motion. There is nothing to know or figure out. Be and let be. Trust in the movement of your soul. Become aware of its subtle whisper at any given moment.

 Your reason for being is becoming more and more evident. We will ask this of all of you:

 PLAY AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. Enjoy the loving ocean. Be in full trust and complete clarity that we are watching over you and that nothing in your lives can happen that is not in complete and full alignment of who you are.


 The command of the intergalactic supernova of consciousness salutes you and bears witness to your crowning moments. Peace is the manifestation of truth in your heart.

 Hela ma na eka ha e tra ma ja.

Wholeness is the breath of beginning to see and embrace the divine journey.

Can One Man Change the World?

I am referring to the article that was written about me by Adrienne Papp. The answer is yes, one person can if I understand that I am part of everyone and my success is your success, then any endeavor and project will become part of the human family


its awakening to see itself as a projection of the divine consciousness. That oneness is not a new age slogan and also it does not mean that you lose your individuality. As the saying goes, “In perfect separation there is perfect unity and in perfect unity there is perfect separation.” You and I are a perfect reflection with unique talents and gifts to be shared and developed in such a way that it reflects back and encourages a person to find their on divine being and the gifts within themselves. This world can be a place of heaven, of divine frequency, and it is up to you and me to truly drop the pretense of separation and lack of power and our limited way of perceiving ourselves. There is no need to wait for the perfect time to do so; everything now is the perfect time. So can we make a pledge to truly assist each other and encourage each other and step away from the idea of ‘you’ and ‘me’ and ‘my little world is more important.’ Please, from my heart and soul to yours, let us start to live as we are part of a galactic society and a star nation. We have the divine grace, let us use it for the uplifting of us all, None excluded.   Article Link