Dolphin Consciousness!

Dolphins are in essence ascended masters, divine multi-dimensional beings, travelling in different dimensions. But on this physical plane in the form of the dolphin, they are here to bring all of us back into the ocean.  In the ocean we are immersed in the salt water crystals containing the information of Mother Earth.

Remember that the human being is a combination of many star beings, and we are amphibious beings, more than seventy-percent water. The true walls for humanity are the ocean’s waters.  Dolphins use ocean portals to travel inter-dimensionally.  The salt in the ocean is a crystal, containing the true history of the planet.  So bringing people to swim in the ocean salt crystals awakens the divine blueprint within to remember our true nature and inherent divinity.

Dolphins are conscious breathers. Conscious breathing is a path to awakening and enlightenment. We are automatic breathers.  As we remember and become conscious breathers, we strengthen our divine connection.

To heal the memory of Atlantis being suddenly submerged in water, many people returned in physical form as dolphins to remember and understand.  People’s fear of drowning and fear of water may stem from these memories and the shock of death in Atlantis. Dolphins are here to heal the memories of Atlantis that create a fear of  drowning in so many, and avoidance of the water.

When the dolphin look at you, they see only the vibration of the divine heart within you.  They don’t see any of your imperfections, fears, anxieties, feelings of separation or conditions. Because they address the human being from that place of unconditional love, the human being will experience that love that dwells inside of them selves. This experience will express itself in various ways – great joy, clear insights, true clarity of purpose, life-changing awareness to follow one’s heart, miraculous healings.  This is why when the dolphin facilitates in the process of autistic children and other psychological ailments has been so successful, because the person in question is approached as a divine being unconditionally accepted and perfect as they are, creating a heart opening for the dolphin to activate the healing powers within the persons body. That happens through pure intention and the way the dolphins are using their sonar location. For example they see the body as perfect and whole and then with their high pitched sonar, this will be activated in the body and the blueprint that is created is a perfect body free of energetic unbalances that created the problem in the first place.

At times, dolphins will bump people.  What is happening is the dolphin perceives energetic blocks or illness in the body and the bump releases the blockage.  Sometimes they will do these releases without touching the person.

Baptism and water have little to do with what has been

taught as giving a name.  It was to introduce the

human being into the water and initiate into their

amphibious self.  When you surrender to the

unknown then that becomes the known.

Some of the Messages Aros

has received from the Dolphins:

Flow in the trust of the moment and experience saturated states of awareness.

The odyssey of the soul’s adventure into infinite delight is like bubbles of joy and laughter in the ever-expanding truth of exuberant divine existence.

Swim in the bubbles of joy in the transformational sea of consciousness.

Syllables of truth must contain within them viable attainable solutions.

Where there is true love shapes and form disappear and left is only our smile.

Light transforms light into energy and that energy, in turn, becomes pure ecstasy. Now gently let yourself flow into the next awareness in form as, as this question: How would you describe and give the experience of love and ecstasy by sacred symbols or by sacred geometry?  Truly understand: that is where you are heading and in that awareness the totality of bliss is ever present. Start to recognize and be in tune with the sacred symbols. At the same time, understand that it is not so much a question of understanding—it is rather a sensation of knowing based upon ancient formulas.  Every shape and form contains a certain energy structure. When certain shapes are paired together in such a way that they create a link of energy, they then become very powerful.  Yes, you are the high priest of the ages. When your memory will blast forth, it will be no less than a big explosion emerging out of knowing—knowing based upon nothing and in that place we, the dolphins together with the whales, will appear in our true form.  It is healthy to remember that words in themselves are secondary. It is the energy and the symbols they create that allow for the possibility for overcoming the shadow play of duality.  Again, remember to move in symbols which in itself to be aware of the symbols that are always present and are always waiting to be discovered. When you experience the truth, recreate it into sacred symbols.

Dear ones, all the different emotions and sensations that you are experiencing are not stamped automatically as negative. Please remember that parts of your body have been the hiding place for so much of the world of duality.  Now, when the light is being crystallized in every cell and molecule of your being, every thing is exposed and transformed in an instant. The projects and creative endeavors that many of you are part of will be seen as a shining star.  This is because when simplicity and clarity is the message it will become like a powerful magnet that will draw to itself other hearts that are swimming in the same blue ocean of consciousness.

We are not a science project: to all of you do not be misled by people that are using the exploration of our world and who we are only to satisfy their ignorance and are not willing to open up to the magic that we can represent.  To anyone that will choose to behold us in this way we are saying this so you can learn to discriminate and when you are ambassadors for our species you do carry a responsibility to present us to the masses in a way that it opens up their own magic within themselves. This is not to say that all science about us is not valid. It is about discernment, about whom we truly are: travelers of the heart and multidimensional light workers.  Spinning an intergalactic web of consciousness that opens up the great knowing that life will not be fully embraces and understood until the mind and the heart are dancing in light and harmony. That is part of our mission: to allow this awakening to become very present within the world of science and by that create an alignment that will embrace that all science and such explorations will lead to the humble discovery that unless this understanding in all endeavors, no one is going anywhere.  All that is truly achieved is more denial about your true self.

Timelessness through activation of radiation is the true blueprint


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