Are you the lion or the lizard?What is a multi-dimensional being?  It is really difficult to explain something with our current language because what we are talking about here really does not have a reference in the current vocabulary. Being dimensional could be seen as a drop in the ocean or a wave. Is the wave part of the ocean or separated from it. Are you separated from the divine heart or part of it? While the answer may seem obvious, remember we have been accepting that we are separated and that fear and lack is normal. If I accept that I am not separated from my divine heart or energy or consciousness, then I must also accept that I have the same qualities and divine powers and love as the divine being, and in that place fear and separation can not exist. Can the darkness exist in sunlight?  No. So in that acceptance, I am multidimensional, which means that I exist on all planes of consciousness simultaneously with no limitation, both outside and within time and space. I am and I am not. If I do not accept this then I live by my own limited mind and understanding and I am always at the mercy of other’s feelings and opinions of me, and birth and death are very real and all that comes with this limited understanding of who I am.  In the changes we are experiencing, in the process of ascension we are experiencing, are we truly leaving the third dimension? All dimensions are entwined within each other, like threads in a garment. We are, once again, ascending to higher planes of consciousness or dimensions and we will not be seeing ourselves only through the understanding of a physical reality. Right now, whereever you are, you have beings from many dimensions sharing your space and just because you are not aware of it, it is still true. Dimensions are not about physical reality but rather like a Russian Doll-you go deeper and deeper and not further and further away. As an example, on this earth all the indigenous tribes have been living more closely to this awareness and because of that they have remained in contact with higher states of consciousness. Their teachings and rituals are based upon how to access those planes of awareness in a human body and also reminding us all that we can access our own indigenous nature with in ourselves. Their inherent teachings have survived the onslaught of ignorance and forgetfulness. I can fly through the cosmos for a thousand years and stay in the same reality, or I can access the depth of my being in an instant and worlds and universes I cannot even imagine. That is being dimensional, worlds within worlds, universes within universes. It is a never ending story and of course it is never created. It is recognized by the consciousness awakening to itself and sees itself as a creation. That is why I said in the beginning, it is more or less impossible to explain it with words and their meaning. All these words are a way to guide the mind to a deeper understanding because the mind is the knowledge and it is through the mind we attain all wisdom. 


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